Friday, March 22, 2013


It is said that Einstein tested some of his relativity ideas while riding on trains. One day, he had an interesting discussion on the train with the Ticket Master (Conductor). As Einstein tried to reach for his train ticket from his wallet, the ticket dropped and slid under his seat. He went on his fours trying to retrieve it. The Ticket Master told him that it was alright, after all he recognized Einstein as the famous scientist. The Ticket Master went to other seats checking the tickets. On his way back, the Ticket Master found Dr. Einstein still on his knees looking for his ticket. He said, “I told you not to worry about it Dr. Einstein. I know you and I don’t need to see your ticket.” Dr. Einstein replied, “Thank you very much but I must find my ticket because I don’t know where I am going.” Many of us are like Dr. Einstein. We seem to be sure of ourselves but don’t know where we are going especially after we die. You can be sure today if you follow the one who resurrected from the dead and who has promised to take us where He is. You can trust Him today. As much as we will be saddened to be reminded of his brutal death next week at Easter, it will also be a celebration of joy because He rose from the dead and will come back again. Don’t be like Dr. Einstein. Be sure of where you are going.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Have you ever assembled a puzzle? It is interesting that every piece in a puzzle is different!it is only after you have put every piece in its place that you get to enjoy what the puzzle is all about. It may turn out to be a scenery of a beach, mountain, animal or some other beautiful thing. A puzzle piece makes the picture whole when it is put in its rightful place. All of us are pieces of God's puzzle. There is no useless piece! God wants to use each one of us where we are so that we can solve the mystery of his puzzle. You are an important piece made in the image of God. (Adapted from a children's worship story as told by Crystlle Tonn on March 10).