Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Most peole think of missionaries as people going abroad to teach "the uncivilized" the ways of God. It is a part of missions for sure. Before Jesus left, he commissioned every believer to go and preach the good news. We are all missionaries, that is if we have believed. We preach the good news by the way we live and interact with others. I once heard a preacher say that "we may be the only bible someone may ever read." By this he meant the way we live and act at work, in our houses

The wonders of aging

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How old is the earth?

There are 2 competing ideas about the age of the world. Those who believe in evolution tell us that the earth is about 6 billion years! Their evidence comes from the dating of rocks. Creation tells us that the earth is relatively young - approximately 6,000 years. The evidence for a relatively young earth comes from the bible and confirmed by the presence of carbon in materials that were previously thought to be extremely old. The 2 ideas are also different in another respect. Evolution espouses the Big Bang theory as the source of what we see on earth. Creation acknowledges order and the power of God as the master designer of the physical laws as well as the biotic and abiotic things. Where do you stand?

What a man cannot have enough of

You probably guessed it right. These are his books, ambitions and good coffee!