Friday, February 13, 2009


Who was Valentine? I have read about him and you possibly have. I have something in common with this person. I was born on February 14, going by my official documents. My wife is proud of my birth day and so was my mom. As we celebrate love on February 14, let us remember the one who loved us first before we ever learnt to love other people (1 John 14: 9).


I visted British Columbia in early February. The mountains are scenic and speak of God's glory (see photo in lower left panel), mountains are in the background of the water front. British Columbia or BC as it is fondly called will be hosting the winter olympics next year. One of the projects underway is the construction of the undeground train service to the city centre from the airport. I captured the tunnel under construction in the upper right photograph. I was most fortunate to visit BC during the first week of February because the weather was nice (above 5 degrees C on most days). Most important though was that it never rained for a week! BC is known for its rain and cloudy weather. It was a blessing to be around when the weather was nice and sunny, just about perfect to enjoy one of God's most beautiful creations.